Map of Burnerot - Digital & Physical


החלום בקצרה

I want to make a clear and well-designed map of Yerucham. The map will be available digitally and as a big display in the playa. With the display there will be the option of adding your event, some camp, some comment onto the map.

תיאור מלא של הרעיון

The project has two parts: one digital and one physical. I will make a stylized but accurate version of a map of Park haYerucham before the event. Depending on the camps and if placement is figured out I can also add the camps onto it. But mostly it will be subject to change, I am sure ;) So for that the map will be hung up and displayed in the playa. Big and lit with lights. And there will be an option to add changes and new entries on the spot making it a living and breathing document that is worth checking at least once a day.

צוות ותוכנית

I will have some logistical help from my girlfriend but I will do it mostly alone. Starting today and probably finishing the night before the event!

תוכנית החשל"ש (חומר שלא שייך למקום)

Since participants will have the chance to add their own events to the map on paper clips this might cause some moop. I will provide a trash bag for unused paper clips and make sure that the ones that are attached to the map are secure and wont fly away. Otherwise it is a normally trafficked area of the playa and I am sure each participant is taking responsibility of their own basic moop (cigarettes etc.).

תוכנית מחזור

The materials for the project are relatively simple and will mostly be sourced from the streets of Tel Aviv. Two poles, a sheet, some string and two rebars. The notes that people can make will be on paper clips and I will make sure that the way they are attached is secure and wont have them be blown away by the wind. Afterwards I will strike it all and take it back home.

סקירת התקציב בש"ח

Sheet: 30NIS
Paper + Pens: 20NIS
String and connection: 50NIS

כיצד יכולים ברנרים נוספים להצטרף ליצירה שלכם?

They can add to the map their events or their camps or any other suggestion that they want others to see.

מה זה?

מזל טוב! נתקלתם במשהו מיוחד! מידברנרות זה הדבר הכי מדהים שיש. אתם אפילו לא יכולים לתאר לעצמכם את הרעיונות הייחודיים, והמפורכים שאנשים ממציאים בשביל הדבר הזה! בום!


  • האם את זקוקה לחשמל? פרטי בוואטים Yes. I would like to put two big lights with 500W each. So 1000W.

  • האם תהיה תאורה? Yes I will bring two strong construction site lights.

  • האם משהו ישרף? Only the participants nearby will hopefull burn very hard.

  • האם החלום שלך משמיע קול? None.

  • חימום There will be enough space around the map to do stretches or silly dances to keep each other warm. Also it is advised to wear warm clothing.

  • שנת החלום midburnerot2019
  • חלום רנדומלי הבא